Stylish desktops

PB imedia and PB ixtreme look more like style accessories than the powerful desktops they really are. Soft curves and a glossy finish give the new PB desktops a luxurious appeal. The illuminated brand logo and edges complete the classy look of the PB ixtreme and add elegance to any environment, while the cute PB imedia is perfect for small surfaces. Wether you’re looking for a space saving computer or impressive power there’s always a PB desktop to choose from.

Smart features

All PB desktops are easy-to-use for the best experience. A recessed top creates the perfect space to place your digital camera or mobile devices, and you can tuck your power cable away for that seamless look. We’ve even angled the various ports upwards so it’s easier to connect memory cards, mics, headsets and more. Want to back up your files? Just press the dedicated MyBackup button on the top of the PB ixtreme chassis and away you go. It’s simple, it’s stylish: it’s perfect. And for even more coordinated look both PB imedia and PB ixtreme can be associated with PB Viseo or PB Maestro monitors.

Personalized touch experience

No more keyboard, mouse or space-taking tower. With the Packard Bell oneTwo, it’s just you and one amazing touch-screen packed with great ideas, entertainment and cool features – all at your fingertips. PB oneTwo is available with 20”, 21.5” and 23” screen in glossy black – all with the same sleek, minimalistic design that looks great wherever you place it. Just one power cable tucks neatly away – all your other connections are built-in – and you can add a wireless keyboard and mouse whenever you need to. A white version is also available for extra modern interiors. PB oneTwo comes with an array of touchscreen widgets that beg to be played with. Touch the fun!(more details here)

Made to suit everyone

Don’t let the good looks of the PB imedia and PB ixtreme fool you. Beneath their glossy surface purrs enough power to run the latest 3D games, movies and more – and they’re packed with intuitive features we know you’ll love. Both the PB imedia and PB ixtreme come with high-end graphic cards and 3D capability that turn games and movies into images that are so lifelike you’ll forget you’re in your living room. We’ve also included Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 9, full version, so you can perfect your photos and videos – and share them on your favourite social networks.