Born in 1926, Packard Bell is one of just a few brands that can claim to have contributed to the three major home entertainment revolutions of the past 80 years: radio, TV and PC. In the 1920s and 1930s when radio was all the rage, Packard Bell emerged as a popular brand of console radios, quickly earning a reputation for their elegant design. The first Packard Bell television sets were launched in 1948, just as the TV revolution was sweeping the world.

Visionary Market Maker

In 1986, Packard Bell began designing and marketing personal computers to a previously untapped market segment: home users. The idea was revolutionary at the time: design high-quality, affordable and easy-to-use computers then market them through traditional retail channels.

As a result, Packard Bell pioneered the use of the PC in the home, transforming an office tool into a friendly and indispensable feature of today's modern home.

Furthermore, Packard Bell made significant inroads into the consumer electronics market with the successful introduction of DVD players, PVRs, MP3 players, GPS and storage products.

The Packard Bell Experience

In 2008, Packard Bell was acquired by Taiwan-based Acer Inc. and the combined entities, along with the Gateway brand, now comprise the third-largest notebook PC company in the world.

The Packard Bell brand holds true to Acer's long-term mission of breaking the barriers between people and technology. It strives to fulfil the vision of democratising technology by providing simple-to-use products at accessible prices. Packard Bell delivers function with style, so users can express who they are and enjoy the freedom to do anything, anytime, anywhere.

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