Последние новости

  • Купи персональный компьютер Packard Bell – и получи возмещение стоимости обновления Windows 8 Upgrade в размере 14,99 евро!


    Компания Packard Bell предлагает возмещение стоимости за обновление ОС Windows® 7 до Windows 8 Pro для настольных ПК, моноблоков и ноутбуков Packard Bell в рамках официальной программы обновлений Microsoft Upgrade. Подробную информацию о программе можно найти на сайте www.windowsupgradeoffer.com

  • Packard Bell partners with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on Ice Age 4: Continental Drift this Christmas - The search is on for the coolest gift this Winter!


    On 31th August 2012, Packard Bell announces its partnership, across its entire range of products1 , with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, for the upcoming release of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift on DVD and Blu-ray in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Capturing customers’ attention and hearts, this unique partnership will kick off later this year in Germany and other selected countries2.

  • 17.3-inch Packard Bell EasyNote LV series. - In a bamboo weave pattern, designed for the lifestyle generation, this new notebook adds a fresh natural touch to performance.


    The Packard Bell EasyNote LV series sets a new balance between design, user experience, usability and affordability.

  • Packard Bell launches the EasyNote LE, the perfect 17.3-inch desktop replacement that does it all, straight away and at an affordable price!


    In response to the growing demand for stylish and feature-packed notebooks that can do all a desktop can, yet still at an affordable price, Packard Bell has just launched its EasyNote LE.

  • New Packard Bell oneTwo S 3230


    All-in-ones are a main feature of the booming desktop market. They address people looking for new ways to use technology both for creating content and enjoying it all with a friendly interface. Since 2009, Packard Bell has established itself as a key player on the all-in-one segment, with its acknowledged oneTwo series. Focusing on its unprecedented 20-inch format, the Packard Bell oneTwo S, Packard Bell now launches the Packard Bell oneTwo S 3230.

  • Packard Bell extends its 15.6-inch EasyNote TV series


    The 15.6-inch Packard Bell EasyNote TV series sets a new balance between design, performance, usability and affordability. It now comes with a new set of features for great daily use. Style statement, social networking portal, multimedia hub, Full Adobe® Photoshop® Elements preinstalled and so much more, the new 15.6-inch Packard Bell EasyNote TV series does it all.

  • Packard Bell extends its affordable notebook series: the EasyNote TE is the perfect 15.6-inch device for doing almost everything, straight away and at an affordable price!


    Those looking for a stylish and affordable yet feature-packed notebook can stop the search.
    Continuing to deliver on its core values of user-friendly design, performance and affordability, Packard Bell now launches a new version of its 15.6-inch Packard Bell EasyNote TE series, featuring the latest AMD E-Series Accelerated Processor (APU). Many users care just as much about the price as they do about having a trustworthy notebook which gives them all the performance they need without costing an arm and a leg.

  • Introducing the Packard Bell imedia L series - The stylish new desktop combining smart features and seamless performance


    Today sees the launch of Packard Bell’s latest desktop PC, the Packard Bell imedia L series, demonstrating the brand’s ongoing commitment to great design and remarkable performance.

  • Packard Bell launches the imedia S series - The compact desktop that gives you all the power at one third of the size.


    Confirming its commitment to design-driven technology, Packard Bell launches its new space-saving desktop today, reinforcing the company’s longstanding reputation for sense of purpose, cool simplicity and affordability.
    “The Packard Bell imedia S series is targeted firmly at those consumers whose motto is the simpler, the better when it comes to technology.” says Luca Rossi, EMEA Vice President Consumer Division Acer Group. “Yet they are not ready to compromise on aesthetics and the performance they expect from a desktop”.

  • Packard Bell unveils new 21.5-inch Maestro 225DXL - Slim-designed monitor bringing you great visuals in Full HD


    Packard Bell introduces the new Packard Bell Maestro 225DXL series, a fresh new 21.5-inch widescreen monitor, bringing you stunning visuals and performance. Compact in size (477 x 268 mm) but including a wide display, it is the perfect match for a student’s room and can also be used alongside a notebook for that big screen feel.

  • Packard Bell brings you its new 23-inch Maestro 235DL - Open your eyes and enjoy Full HD visuals without limits


    With the new Packard Bell Maestro 235DL series and its 23-inch display, sit back and enjoy stunning visuals as they should be. With its stylish design, the Packard Bell Maestro 235DL series looks appealing even when switched off.

  • Серия ноутбуков Packard Bell EasyNote E


    Компания Packard Bell представляет новую серию EasyNote E – стильные многофункциональные ноутбуки по доступной цене.

  • Packard Bell представляет новую серию ноутбуков EasyNote V


    Компания Packard Bell представляет новую серию ноутбуков EasyNote V, включающую в себя две модели: EasyNote TV (15.6”), EasyNote LV (17.3”). Данная серия идеально сочетает дизайн, производительность, удобство в использовании.

  • Ноутбук Packard Bell EasyNote LV с диагональю экрана 17.3 дюймов


    Компания Packard Bell представляет ноутбук EasyNote LV с диагональю экрана 17.3 дюймов, сочетающий в себе стильный дизайн, удобный пользовательский интерфейс и высокую производительность.

  • Ноутбук Packard Bell EasyNote TV с диагональю экрана 15.6 дюймов


    Компания Packard Bell представляет 15,6-дюймовый ноутбук Packard Bell EasyNote TV. В новой модели идеально сбалансированы привлекательный дизайн, производительность, удобство в использовании и разумная цена.

  • Новейший Packard Bell dot s - Усовершенствованные видео возможности в портативном формате


    Популярная модель Packard Bell dot s – это симпатичный 10,1-дюймовый нетбук и неизменный компаньон во время путешествий. Вы можете весь день носить с собой это тонкое и легкое устройство, он способен сохранять заряд батареи на протяжении 8 часов. К его характеристикам добавился новый порт HDMI® для подключения к большому экрану, а также процессор третьего поколения Intel® Atom™, который декодирует видофильмы намного быстрее, обладая при этом улучшенными возможностями энергосбережения.