Always a pleasure to use

Netbooks are specially created for people who like to socialize and stay organized on the go. When a smartphone is too small, and a regular notebook is too big, a netbook is perfect! It sits discreetly on a café table while you keep in touch with your online friends, and slips easily into your bag. Like the legendary Moleskine® notebook used by Ernest Hemingway, our Packard Bell dot netbook is your best friend, making life easy via a large ergonomic keyboard, high-resolution screen, easy backup with just a press of a key, speedy performance, and 8-hour battery life.

Nimble little trendsetter

Ultra-light and compact, the dot s is easy to carry. It's as small as a magazine, so it fits easily in any purse, bag or hand luggage. And, it comes in a range of cool colours, including River Black, Galaxy White, Mystery Purple and others. A selection of unique patterns is also available so you can choose the look and feel that suits your personal style best.

Fast and fun on the run

Anytime-anywhere online tasks like web surfing, email, chats and checking out videos are smooth and fast thanks to the robust yet energy-saving processor -- and you can enjoy it all for up to 8 hours per charge. Loaded with Internet-centric software for communication, entertainment and more, the dot s serves today's mobile lifestyles perfectly. Fun and extremely functional on the go, the dot s sports a multi-gesture touchpad that enables easy mouseless navigation. You can surf, scroll, zoom and browse media albums, and use productivity software efficiently, with just one or two fingers. The dot s comes equipped with the full version of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements, which lets you update your travel blog, create scrapbooks and photo albums, edit photos, and more. And, with its multi-in-1 card reader, this netbook is the ideal partner for your digital camera.

Non-stop social networking

Packard Bell Social Networks software makes it quick and easy to check on your friends' status or update Facebook, YouTube™ and Flickr -- and it's all just one click away. Communication-wise, the dot s has a full array of tools for keeping you online and in touch: a 0.3 MP webcam, built-in microphone, Wi-Fi®, optional Bluetooth® 3.0+HS and optional 3G.