Keep everything you hold dear in this 21st century treasure chest. It's your life in your pocket, and it's perfect for your life on the go.

  • Nugget of delight

    Slim -13.5 mm thick- and exceptionally light at a mere 150 g, PB Go is a joy to tote anywhere. Simply tuck this 2.5" beauty in your pocket, slip it into your purse, or flaunt it openly. The polished surface is smooth to the touch, while the classy black color stands out with timeless appeal.PB Go is available in black or white to match with your favourite mobile device*.

    * Availability depending on countries.

  • Treasure vault

    PB Go can hold up to 750 GB of data, the equivalent of 768,000 photos, 192,000 songs or 920 videos-- tons of life's true riches -- as well as critical data and files. High-Speed USB 2.0 ensures swift and reliable file transfers. PB Go is USB powered, so there is no power supply to carry around. Additionally, the bundled Packard Bell Backup Software Suite enables automatic, scheduled, and real-time backups on CDs or DVDs, so you can rest assured that your valuable files are safe.

  • Green gem

    PB Go contributes to a more sustainable future by reducing power consumption: the Packard Bell PowerSave Solution switches the HDD on/off automatically, saving up to 30% energy and increasing HDD life expectancy.