Available in a range of screen sizes, the Maestro 5 Series offers a slim design that saves space yet delivers all the essentials. Glare-cutting matte screens provide exceptional contrast and fine brightness. Resolution is enhanced by SuperSharpness technology, and Full HD and HDMI® are available. Plus, Maestro 5 performance is as earth-friendly as it is inspiring.

  • Thin

    Maestro 5 Series monitors blend essential technology and a modern look. Boasting a naturally good sightline, each Maestro 5 is crafted to be sleek and slim—but you also get the time-tested technologies that you need to enjoy films, music and entertainment, and to engage in social communication with family and friends. Being the slimmest of our monitor Series, Maestro 5 displays fit anywhere. Desk, table, shelf—wherever you choose to place your Maestro 5, you will have more room to complete your tasks and set your digital lifestyle free. Integrated speakers on select models further open up your space. The Maestro 5 Series: It just fits.

  • Cinematic

    Energise your high-definition entertainment with up to 1920 x 1080 resolution. At Full HD, films deliver a new level of realism. SuperSharpness technology further heightens your viewing pleasure by magnifying screen pixels while retaining image crispness. Scenes whose action was once lost in grey shadows on older monitors are now detailed and distinct on the Maestro 5 thanks to its 100,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Images remain blur free with 5ms response. Connect as you like: The Maestro 5 Series offers combinations of VGA, DVI and HDMI®, and available dual speakers fill your room with nice sound.

  • Green

    Save energy, save the earth and save money with the Maestro 5 Series. Each Maestro 5 monitor meets the newest and highest ENERGY STAR® specifications, meaning that your power consumption will be low. The use of dynamic contrast on these monitors not only improves the onscreen image but also further increases your power savings—another example of how better technology helps your pocketbook and the planet, too. Add a sleek and slim monitor to your room to increase your space, let essential and time-tested display technologies keep you productive and entertained—and help preserve the earth at the same time, all with the Maestro 5 Series.