This is more than technology

The new Packard Bell spirit reinvents today’s trends and sets the stage for tomorrow’s breakthroughs. The Packard Bell brand is where simplicity, trends and technology meet to create fashionably new ways of living and ultra smart forms for working. With Packard Bell, easy-to-use technology is combined with maximum enjoyment for a cool product that reflects who you are, your accomplishments, and the pleasure you derive from "being part of it”. It’s a lifestyle, a life experience, and a reflection of the way we see the world.

The r-evolution

We live in a colourful world! Colours have different meanings in various cultures and are used to express feelings and enliven language. Red is warm, evokes emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of passion and enjoyment. Red communicates ambition, power, vitality, enthusiasm and a desire to conquer. Red speaks to the outside world in a clear, distinctive and visually appealing language. Red is a personality amplifier, a life enhancer. It draws attention, captures it and keeps it there. Red is colour at its best. Red is the perfect colour to infuse the Packard Bell brand with the personality and strength of identity to position it as the leader in its particular segment. But Packard Bell’s visual identity is not only changing colour from purple to red. It’s expressing the entire concept of the renewed Packard Bell, evolving from sharp to round, towards products which will be more and more distinctive for their strong commitment to pure design, mobility, ease of use.